I am currently a Provisional Psychologist and Licensed Mental Health Therapist at Woodhaven Counseling. I believe in using evidence-based procedures to improve the lives of my clients; however, I also realize that therapy is not a “one size fits all” so therapy is tailored to meet individual needs. My approach to therapy is goal-oriented to ensure my clients will have practical strategies to use in their everyday lives. I have found that individuals benefit the most from therapy when there is a strong therapeutic relationship; therefore, I strive to build this relationship during the beginning stages of therapy.

I currently work with young children, adolescents, teens, and young adults with a variety of concerns such as; anxiety, depression, habits/tics, disruptive behaviors, social skill deficits, school problems, and family/peer relationship issues. I conduct individual and/or family therapy sessions based on presenting concerns. I believe continuity and/or coordination of care is important so I will consult with outside professionals (e.g., primary care physicians, schools, teachers, psychiatrists, etc.). I also conduct psychological evaluations under the supervision of fully licensed psychologists here at Woodhaven.

I earned my doctoral degree in school psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2019. My predoctoral internship was completed at the Munroe Meyer Institute in 2018. Following the completion of my post-doctoral fellowship, I plan to become a licensed psychologist in Nebraska and continue practicing at Woodhaven Counseling.