I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many public safety applicants and current public safety personnel. After several years of specializing in psychological assessment, I have now become more specifically focused on law enforcement psychology and related work with firefighters, emergency dispatchers, correctional officers, and others who work to protect and serve their communities.

The field of public safety psychology is unique, in that those who serve as First Responders have unusual and often challenging job expectations and experiences. Careful assessment is required prior to entering into these
lines of work. Public safety employees may later return to be seen for promotional testing, specialty assignment testing, or for debriefings after critical events.

Here at Woodhaven Counseling, we strive to serve applicants and current public safety employees with courtesy and professionalism. Whether they are being seen for assessment, consultation, or therapeutic services, they can expect timely communication, sincere appreciation for their service, and individual attention to their needs.