C ounseling is a second career for me. Having benefited from seeing a therapist myself through some very difficult times, I was motivated to “pay it forward”. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be a coach and a witness to other people’s healing while in therapy.

I work mainly with adults now. Some of the teenagers I saw years ago have come back as adults to revisit issues they weren’t ready to heal before.

The men I work with tell me they like that I am direct. They also like that they can be themselves in session even if it means using colorful language and humor.

The women I work with tell me they like how quickly I can relate to their framework. Oftentimes I coach them to be better versions of themselves by addressing self-esteem issues that can hold them back.

The couples I work with tell me that I can be objective and help them come together by focusing on their individual responsibilities to give to their partner rather than wait to receive.

This variety of clients helps keep me interested and motivated to learn more as issues continue to evolve in our changing world.