D r. Halpain began his counseling career in a general practice treating adolescents with family adjustment issues and with adults with adjustment and mental illness problems. During his graduate studies he worked for several years at different mental hospitals doing counseling therapy and psychological evaluations. Since the early 1990's he has been in private practice concentrating on individuals, families, couples, and those with diagnosed mental illnesses.


  • inner-person dynamics and change for functional purposes
  • relationship dynamics and changing those into productive and comfortable strategies
  • practical cost-effective counseling and humor in therapy
  • understanding mental illnesses and their effects
  • medication effects and when to seek medical help for psychological issues
  • practical cost-effective counseling and humor in therapy

Counseling Approach

“Making changes so that life is better for everyone involved is my goal in every session. My clients have told me I do not mince words, that I am a ‘tell it like it is’ counselor. I’m never sure if they like me that way or find it difficult, but the purpose is to show the simplicity of issues, quickly find basic and elegant solutions, limit the expense of counseling, and efficiently get through any pain that has been the result of the issues being faced.”


Dr. Halpain studied ethics and business practices as part of his training. He has presented and assisted in professional organization ethics training and in monitoring the ethics and practices of other psychologists and counselors. He maintains a high degree of ethical and professional practices.


“Despite maintaining a high degree of professionalism and training, I like the people I work with. I try to understand how they are feeling as well as to bring focus on making changes. To me, it is a critical part of knowing about the issues, knowing the person and their feelings about the problem. It is what pushes both of us to tailor-make an answer to a problem. I am empathetic, but I strike a balance between empathy and practical motivation toward change.”

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